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What treatment do you need?

We are a comprehensive and distinguised one-stop-shop medical aesthetics & cosmetics clinic establishment catering to all your medical aesthetics, cosmetic and beauty needs. From botox, fillers, threadlift, laser to body slimming and vaginal tightening in Singapore, we offer effective and clinically proven beauty treatments curated specially by Dr Tiffiny Yang just for you. Scroll & Click on what you desire to explore our services below.​

You can be assured that we have a commitment to eminence when it comes to the level of care and service we provide.


Acne Scar Removal

Remove pitted, icepick, boxcar, atrophic acne scars.

Acne & Pimple Treatment

Control acne, pimples & zits.

Pores Removal

Make pores smaller.

Pigmentation Removal

Remove freckles & brown spots.

Botox fr $200

Treat wrinkles and smoothen skin texture

Ulthera fr $1500

Lift saggy skin, reduce double chin and fat cheeks.

HIFU by Ultraformer fr $500

Smoothen and tighten loose skin on face, eyes and neck.

Thermage fr $1250

Iron out your wrinkles, smoothen out your skin.

Skin Booster fr $680

Different types availablt to restore skin plumpness and hydration on face, neck and hands.

Stretch Marks Removal

Fade your stretch marks away

Tattoo Removal fr $120

It doesn't have to be permanent - laser can resolve any regrets.

Keloid & Hypertrophic Scars

Flatten and fade those scars.


Nose Filler fr $592

Higher nose bridge, smaller nose tip.

Nose Threadlift fr $600

Defined nose bridge, sharper nose tip.


Basic Medifacial $120

Essentials of keeping your skin fresh and clean.

Face Lift Medifacial $350

Restore youthfulness to your skin and feel lifted again.

Acne Buster Medifacial $280

Keep those pimples under control with our regular maintenance regime.

Pore Refining Medifacial $220

Deep cleanse and reduce clogged pores with our special pore cleansing system.

Skin Whiten Medifacial $350

Fairer brighter skin with Viora Infusion system.


Hair Removal fr $20

Permanent removal for unwanted hair - always clean and shaven.

Face/Jaw Slimming $400

Slim your face without surgery

Face/Brow Threadlift

Lift saggy skin for slimmer look or bigger eyes.

Chin Filler

Enhance your chin beautifully

Double Chin Removal

Get rid of that ugly double chin

Cheek Filler

Remove flat or sunken cheeks

Laugh Line Filler

Fill up and reduce those wrinkle lines.

Forehead Filler

Rounder forehead is a sign of youth

Temple Filler

Sunken temples look old and gaunt - lift them now.

Lip Filler

Fuller sexier contoured lips.

Neck Lines Removal

Reduce those horizontal wrinkles on your neck.


Undereye Filler $428

Remove dark circles, hide eyebags, fill tear troughs and voila! look less tired

Undereye Laser $250

Lighten dark eye circles

Pretty Love Bands $592

Create those cute undereye rolls / aegyo sals.


Fat Freezing $300

Easy way to slim down.

Vaginal Tightening $650

Feel more in the bedroom,

leak less when you exercise.

Breast Firming $250

Lift saggy boobs.

Underarm Whitening $150

Whiten dark skin at sensitive areas e.g. underarms, nipples, labia, buttocks.

Cellulite $180

Exilis or Velashape to feel like wearing shorts again.

Leg Slimming $1200

Because long sleek shapely legs are trending.

Hands Rejuvenation $250

Your hands give away your age too.

Sweaty Palms / Body Odour

Dry out those palms and underarms.


Laser & Light Therapies

Laser, LED, IPL treatments

V Shape Face

Btx Jaw & Chin Filler

Body Slimming

All in one plan to achieve that killer figure.

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