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Dr Tiffiny Yang, Well Known & Famous Facial Aesthetics Doctor Singapore for Pigmentation Removal


Spectra/PICO Laser for Freckles & Other Pigmentation

SGD 350

Dual Yellow SGD 400

BB Laser for Melasma

SGD 500 

Facial Pigmentation & Brown Spot Removal & Reduction

Comprehensive Combination Treatment to Reduce Freckles, Melasma, Sun Spots & Brown Spots with Facial Dermal Laser

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What can this treatment possibly do?


Laser treatment attempts to remove or reduce the appearance of pigmented brown spots – such as freckles, sun spot, brown spots and melasma from the skin.


Hyperpigmentation generally refer to brown spots or patches on the face. However, this is a broad categorization with many possible origins requiring different specific treatment approaches. Thus, a precise diagnosis is mandatory to assess if a facial laser approach is useful. The setting (wavelength & parameters) of the medical dermal laser is also essential to ensure optimal treatment.


A consultation with our doctor is therefore required to correctly identify the type of brown spot or pigmentation on the face for the correct treatment to apply.

The following below are some types of common "brown spots".


Sun Spots (Solar Lentigines)


Sun Spots (Solar Lentigines) are effectively treated with topical blanching cream, non-ablative dermal facial lasers, and intense pulsed light (IPL). The treatment with non-ablative dermal facial lasers has been proven to be one of the most effective approach, especially if the brown spots are numerous.


Patients are advised to use sunscreens to tackle the menace of recurrences.


Freckles & Brown Spots


Non-ablative dermal facial lasers are effective both in treating freckles and brown spots, including those associated with genetic disorders, the optimal wavelength may be 532 nm.


Café-au-lait Macules


Café-au-lait macules can be treated with medical facial / dermal lasers, but the response may be variable. A test session on a small area should be done and evaluated to see the response and the stability after treatment before treating the entire lesion.


Nevus Spilus (light brown patches)


Non-ablative dermal facial lasers have demonstrated their efficacy in treating light brown patches (nevus spilus) on the skin.




Non-ablative dermal facial lasers used with low fluencies has shown preliminary interesting results in treating melasma.  Apart from using non-ablative dermal facial laser, topical bleaching preparations, frequently containing hydroquinone can also be used in combination for treatment.


What medical technology or device does this treatment utilise and how it is done?


Spectra Laser is the non-ablative depigmentation medical grade facial dermal laser. The treatment of pigmentary disorders by lasers is based on the selective photothermolysis.


In order to have a selective action, the length of the laser impulsion has to be at least ten times shorter than the relaxation time of the target. This relaxation time is proportional to the size of the target (but also depends on the shape and the thermal diffusivity of the target).


For pigmentary troubles due to melanin defects, the target is the melanosome. It is a lysosome-related organelle specific of the melanocytes within the melanin is produced. With their maturation, the melanosomes will be progressively filled with melanin and be transferred to the surrounding keratinocytes.


In addition, depigmentation agents with hydroquinone and chemical peels may also be used to treat pigmented skin depending on the situation.

BB Laser helps to whiten skin by targeting melanin in the junction between epidermis and dermis layer of the skin and can even treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma.


What are the likely results? Any side effects or downtime?


Some reduction of pigmentation and brownish spot may be seen rather soon. It is however essential to be compliant with sun avoidance and meticulous photoprotective measures against both UV and visible light.


Application of a broadspectrum sunscreen (SPF 501, UVA-PF 28) on its own has been shown to not only decrease the incidence of melasma (brown spot & pigmentation) during pregnancy but also result in improvement of pre-existing melasma (brown spot & pigmentation) in pregnant patients.


Furthermore, recent studies have shown that visible light can result in hyperpigmentation lasting as long as 3 months, thus photoprotection in patients with melasma (brown spot & pigmentation) should include ingredients that protect against visible light (such as iron oxide) in addition to traditional ingredients that protect against UV Light.

Brown spot removal, melasma removal, pigmentation removal Singapore.

Why Tiffiny Yang Clinic?

We focus on three things: Safety, Efficacy, and Personalisation.




Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics have been in the medical aesthetics market for a long time, and have performed many very good aesthetics procedures throughout the years. Our doctors are qualified medical doctors, and we use good quality & approved medical devices and products as your safety is of utmost importance to us.


All our Lasers, Radiofrequency Systems, IPL devices, Ultrasound Energy Machines are good and proven systems which had been used for some time in the market on many patients. They are all approved, CE Marked, or FDA approved systems. Since many people have used them – by sheer numbers, the behaviour and treatment outcome of the devices are generally known. The unexpected is unlikely to occur.




Our treatments are all clinically proven and are generally effective. Apart from effective treatments, our lady doctor is also known for being very gentle and caring. We want to get to know you personally so that we can tailor-make and customise the treatments to achieve your intended desires. It is for this reason that majority of our equipment and products are not “box-standard” but customisable.


Indeed, we have been known to go to great lengths to curate and customize the beauty treatments you desire to ensure that it is personally suitable for you.


We also want to get to know you so that you to feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands when undergoing treatments at our clinic.




As all aesthetics treatment are part medicine and part art, one should choose an aesthetics professional or doctor whom is both a competent and qualified medical doctor, and whom also possesses a keen eye for beauty. More importantly, a keen eye for beauty which you agree with. In other words, you must trust your aesthetics doctor’s taste and sense of beauty.


Dr Tiffiny Yang is a doctor and a beauty queen. She was crowned Ms Singapore Universe, and is also a fashion model with some repute in her free time. She had been featured in fashion and glamour magazines which are household names and are published Asia wide. Our clinic treatments bear her eye, direction, believe and hallmark of beauty.


Note on Information


It is important to note that individual variation in responsiveness to the above treatment(s) may vary significantly. the above information is for general information purposes only, and is expressly subject to the specific facts and circumstances, the peculiar physiology and constitution of a patient, the intensity of a treatment, amount of product used, and frequency of treatment (as applicable). Outcomes may therefore differ from the information provided above. Click HERE to see the medical literature and references wherein the above information is based on.

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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