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Dr Tiffiny Yang Ulthera Singapore, Ultherapy Singapore, HIFU, non-surgical facelift with Ulthera HIFU. Dr Tiffiny Yang Famous Aesthetics Facial Doctor Singapore.


Ultracel HIFU

Full face SGD 800/session

Lower face SGD 600/session

Neck SGD 500/session

The Ultraformer III—A Great Way to Tighten and Rejuvenate Your Skin

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What can this treatment possibly do?


Your skin tells your story.

As you age, your skin may start to show noticeable signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin. Weight loss and genetics may also affect the way your skin looks and feels. Other external factors, such as UV exposure, pollutants, and your lifestyle, can affect the body’s production of collagen and elastin.

The good news is, you can proactively combat these changes. There are a number of treatment options available that target common problem areas like the neck, jowls, upper arms, and abdomen.

One such option is the Ultracel, a non-surgical and non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses accurate ultrasound energy beams to deliver good quality results.


A Safer, Efficient Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Conventional surgical or invasive procedures can have inherent risks and may require a longer downtime. With the Ultracel treatment, you can now have access to a medical aesthetic procedure that’s safer, targeted, efficient and effective.

How Does the Ultraformer III Work?

The Ultracel uses Micro-Focused Ultrasound to deliver ultra-focused ultrasound beams into the areas of your skin that need to be lifted or tightened.

These beams work in two phases to stimulate your skin’s regenerative processes: inflammation phase and remodeling phase.

During the inflammation phase, ultrasound energy is transferred directly into your dermis. This causes your skin tissue to become inflamed, which, in effect, stimulates fibroplasia. Fibroplasia is the process of growing fibrous tissue to heal wounds.

In the remodeling phase, granulation tissue begins to form on the wound. This creates a tighter buildup of collagen fibres. What does this mean for your skin? You’ll see visible results, such as less noticeable wrinkles, lifted contoured face and an enhanced smooth, elegant bright complexion.

As with any medical procedure, it takes some time before you can see any effects. With the Ultracel, you can start seeing results between three weeks and six months.


What Areas Does It Treat?

The Ultracel is designed to target areas on your face and body. It’s engineered to address concerns, such as loose and sagging skin, skin folds, and decrease in skin elasticity, in areas like the:

· Forehead

· Chin

· Neck

· Eyes

· Brows

· Décolleté

· Arms

· Knees

· Abdomen

· Thighs

· Axilla


What Can I Expect During an Ultraformer III Treatment?

Prior to the procedure, our aesthetic doctor, Dr Tiffiny Yang and our team will conduct an assessment of your skin and will go over your concerns, needs, goals and expectations with you. This consultation will enable us to create a plan that will yield optimal results for you.

Your skin will then be prepared for the treatment. Our doctor will outline the target region and will apply an ample amount of ultrasound gel to the treatment area. When the procedure begins, you can expect to feel some vibration and some degree of heat.

Each procedure for one target area can take around 45 to 60 minutes.


What Happens After Ultracel?

Because the Ultracel is a non-invasive and non-surgical medical beauty procedure, it has no downtime. You can return to doing your regular activities immediately after treatment.

However, some patients may experience something akin to a mild sunburn, which can last for up to two hours. In some cases, mild bruising or swelling may occur.

After the treatment, you’ll experience benefits, such as:

  • Lifted or tightened skin

  • Tightening and contouring of target areas on your body

  • Gradual enhancement results

  • Minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin

  • Bright complexion and a smoother, more elegant appearance


Can I Get Long-Lasting Results from the Treatment?

Given that the Ultracel targets your skin tissue, you can enjoy long-lasting results. While the results may vary for every patient, the changes to your epidermis and dermal collagen are permanent. However, it’s worth noting that external factors like sun exposure may still continue to have an effect on the results.


Are the Treatments Painful?

During the session, you may feel some slight, temporary discomfort. Generally, patients who have been through the Ultracel procedure report minimal pain and discomfort.


How Many Sessions Do I Need?

This depends on factors like your skin type and the concerns you want to address. To better determine how many Ultracel treatments you need, it’s best to discuss your plan with a licensed medical doctor like Dr Tiffiny Yang.


The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s also the most exposed organ. It provides you with a layer of protection against bacteria, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances. It works hard to keep you going.

Show your skin some love without having to go through painful surgical treatments that require long downtimes.

Defy age, preserve your youth, and start enjoying the benefits of supple, healthier-looking skin with the Ultraformer III. It’s a faster, painless, and more efficient way of looking after your skin.

Why Tiffiny Yang Clinic?


We focus on three things: Safety, Efficacy, and Personalisation.




Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics have been in the medical aesthetics market for a long time, and have performed many very good aesthetics procedures throughout the years. Our doctors are qualified medical doctors, and we use good quality & approved medical devices and products as your safety is of utmost importance to us.


All our Lasers, Radiofrequency Systems, IPL devices, Ultrasound Energy Machines are good and proven systems which had been used for some time in the market on many patients. They are all approved, CE Marked, or FDA approved systems. Since many people have used them – by sheer numbers, the behaviour and treatment outcome of the devices are generally known. The unexpected is unlikely to occur.




Our treatments are all clinically proven and are generally effective. Apart from effective treatments, our lady doctor is also known for being very gentle and caring. We want to get to know you personally so that we can tailor-make and customise the treatments to achieve your intended desires. It is for this reason that majority of our equipment and products are not “box-standard” but customisable.


Indeed, we have been known to go to great lengths to curate and customize the beauty treatments you desire to ensure that it is personally suitable for you.


We also want to get to know you so that you to feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands when undergoing treatments at our clinic.




As all aesthetics treatment are part medicine and part art, one should choose an aesthetics professional or doctor whom is both a competent and qualified medical doctor, and whom also possesses a keen eye for beauty. More importantly, a keen eye for beauty which you agree with. In other words, you must trust your aesthetics doctor’s taste and sense of beauty.


Dr Tiffiny Yang is a doctor and a beauty queen. She was crowned Ms Singapore Universe, and is also a fashion model with some repute in her free time. She had been featured in fashion and glamour magazines which are household names and are published Asia wide. Our clinic treatments bear her eye, direction, believe and hallmark of beauty.


Note on Information


It is important to note that individual variation in responsiveness to the above treatment(s) may vary significantly. the above information is for general information purposes only, and is expressly subject to the specific facts and circumstances, the peculiar physiology and constitution of a patient, the intensity of a treatment, amount of product used, and frequency of treatment (as applicable). Outcomes may therefore differ from the information provided above. Click HERE to see the medical literature and references wherein the above information is based on.

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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