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Face/Jaw Slimming fr $400

Slim your face without surgery

Face Threadlift fr $1500

Lift saggy skin for slimmer look

Chin Filler fr $508

Enhance your chin beautifully

Double Chin Removal

Get rid of that ugly double chin

Cheek Filler fr $508

Remove flat or sunken cheeks

Laugh Line Filler fr $468

Fill up and reduce those wrinkle lines.

Forehead Filler fr $468

Rounder forehead is a sign of youth

Temple Filler fr $508

Sunken temples look old and gaunt - lift them now.

Lip Filler fr $468

Fuller sexier contoured lips.

Neck Lines Removal

Reduce those horizontal wrinkles on your neck.

Personal Beauty is Greater Recommendation than any Letter of Reference - Aristotle  

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