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SGD 1250 (Botox)

1 session only, both sides

Sweaty Palms & Body Odour

Embarrassed by sweaty palms that make you afraid to shake hands with people you meet everyday? Having problems finishing your exam papers without wetting the paper or holding your pen properly?

There is now an approved proven medical treatment for sweaty palms (and even body odour associated with sweaty underarms) with Btx micro-injections, which has been proven to reduce the degree of sweat production in affected areas.

This procedure requires multiple injections of Btx on the palms of the hands. Btx stops the sweat glands from receiving stimulation that makes them produce excessive moisture, which is what becomes problematic. Results can be felt from as early as 1 week after the treatment and last up to 6 months after the initial procedure.*


Side Effects

As Btx may also affect small muscles of the hands, some patients may experience a certain degree of hand weakness and daily function. However, as the dose of Btx is not high and it is a temporal effect, this side effect will wear off in 2-3 months even if it happens.

Price SGD 1250 per session for both sides

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Information & prices provided serves as an educational guide & does not indicate that the item is in fact being offered. All medical procedures are done in an MOH approved medical clinic.

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