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Nose Tip Threadlift




Nose Bridge Threadlift

PDO (6 to 12 mths) SGD 890

PCL (up to 2 yrs) SGD 980

Full Nose Threadlift

PDO SGD 1180

PCL SGD 1420

Nose Threadlift

For a Higher & Straight Nose Profile with a Slightly Pointed Tip

What can this treatment possibly do?


Nose threadlift is able to increase nose bridge and tip projection, a measurable improvement in tip narrowing and reduction of the nasal base

What medical technology or device does this treatment utilise and how it is done?


This treatment uses absorbable barbed PDO / PCL suture threads. These PDO / PCL threads are inserted underneath the nose region to improve nose protrusion and nasal upper profile.


The barbed threads which are inserted are fixed by being hooked to tissues. This produces an anti-tension effect which prevents tissues from moving apart again.


PDO threads generally stay in place for nearly 6 - 12 months before eventually degrading into carbon dioxide and water. During this time, there is usually an increase in collagen and elastin concentration in the skin – which may allow the effects to last longer. This may explain why after absorption of the PDO threads, the feature of the nose still exhibits a tendency to maintain its prior treated condition.

PCL threads last longer than PDO threads, possibly up to 2 years.

What are the likely results? Any side effects or downtime?


The nose threadlift procedure have been shown to be able to effectively lift the nasal tip – nose tip projection; elongate the length of the nose bridge and contour the nostrils.  


Some bruising, bleeding and foreign body reaction may occur. Thread extrusion may also occur, which can be solved by pulling and removing the thread out of the skin.

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We believe that Asian women regard the straight nose profile with a slightly pointed tip as the aesthetically pleasing nose shape. Many Asian women too like a slightly concave nose profile. These two nose profiles are what we try to achieve at Tiffiny Yang’s.

This treatment has synergy and can be combined with?


The nose threadlift procedure can be done with our Nose Filler treatment. The two treatments can be stacked together for a combined outcome.


Because these threads act as skeletons, areas with an insufficient volume of tissue can be supplemented using a filler injection. Improving the protrusion of the nose bridge.


Fillers are commonly gel-like substances that do not retain their shape for a long period of time. When used for reshaping the nose, fillers have the possibility of losing their shape. However, when fillers are combined with PDO threads used for Nose Threadlift, the latter act as a scaffold, allowing long-lasting

retention of the shape achieved in reconstructive surgery.


Further, when PDO threads and fillers are used together, hyaluronic acid filler has been reported to block the chemical reaction between PDO threads and water, thereby prolonging the life of the PDO threads.

Korean Hiko PDO Nose Threadlift, Nose Tip Threadlift, Nose Bridge Threadlift Singapore

Why Tiffiny Yang Clinic?


We focus on three things: Safety, Efficacy, and Personalisation.




Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics have been in the medical aesthetics market for a long time, and have performed many very good aesthetics procedures throughout the years. Our doctors are qualified medical doctors, and we use good quality & approved medical devices and products as your safety is of utmost importance to us.


All our Lasers, Radiofrequency Systems, IPL devices, Ultrasound Energy Machines are good and proven systems which had been used for some time in the market on many patients. They are all approved, CE Marked, or FDA approved systems. Since many people have used them – by sheer numbers, the behaviour and treatment outcome of the devices are generally known. The unexpected is unlikely to occur.




Our treatments are all clinically proven and are generally effective. Apart from effective treatments, our lady doctor is also known for being very gentle and caring. We want to get to know you personally so that we can tailor-make and customise the treatments to achieve your intended desires. It is for this reason that majority of our equipment and products are not “box-standard” but customisable.


Indeed, we have been known to go to great lengths to curate and customize the beauty treatments you desire to ensure that it is personally suitable for you.


We also want to get to know you so that you to feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands when undergoing treatments at our clinic.




As all aesthetics treatment are part medicine and part art, one should choose an aesthetics professional or doctor whom is both a competent and qualified medical doctor, and whom also possesses a keen eye for beauty. More importantly, a keen eye for beauty which you agree with. In other words, you must trust your aesthetics doctor’s taste and sense of beauty.


Dr Tiffiny Yang is a doctor and a beauty queen. She was crowned Ms Singapore Universe, and is also a fashion model with some repute in her free time. She had been featured in fashion and glamour magazines which are household names and are published Asia wide. Our clinic treatments bear her eye, direction, believe and hallmark of beauty.


Note on Information


It is important to note that individual variation in responsiveness to the above treatment(s) may vary significantly. the above information is for general information purposes only, and is expressly subject to the specific facts and circumstances, the peculiar physiology and constitution of a patient, the intensity of a treatment, amount of product used, and frequency of treatment (as applicable). Outcomes may therefore differ from the information provided above. Click HERE to see the medical literature and references wherein the above information is based on.

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

Nose Threadlift FAQ
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