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Tiffiny Yang’s belief of what the Ideal Facial Feature Proportion is.


What is the Tiffiny Yang Ideal Facial Feature Proportion? This is the template by which we recommend facial contouring treatments.


Based on research, we understand that the following facial features are generally the most sought after. At Tiffiny Yang, we try to achieve these features for you in all our treatments.


Facial Shape


Most people prefer facial shapes with a small shapely chin and a round and flat head shape. Four different facial shapes with well shaped chins were highly rated: heart-shaped, rectangle, oval, and oblong. In addition, a narrow midface was featured in all preferred facial shapes. Generally, a pear facial shape (round head, mildly square jaws and a narrow chin) was also preferred over the square facial shape (square head and jaw angles and a flat wide chin).


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Female Facial Profile


Most people find a straight facial profile most attractive, a concave profile less attractive and a convex facial profile least attractive

Lip Shape


Preferred lip shapes of most people are that of a well-defined cupid’s bow, balanced upper to lower lip ratio, and rounded Cupid’s bow.


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Chin Shape


The favourite is a narrow and mildly sharper chin with a rounded apex. Changes in the chin shape results in corresponding differences in lower face height and facial height. The preference for many people is a proportionately short lower face.


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The straight nose profile with a slightly pointed tip is preferred.

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Based on the above research findings, we, at Tiffiny Yang’s, always try to achieve an oval or almond shaped face with minor variations to the oval / almond shaped face; a small pointed narrow chin; a lower jaw angle of greater than 90° and less than 180° for women; and a generally straight facial profile, and to some extent a slight anteriorly projecting chin, a slight concave or straight nose bridge; and small, full lips with well-defined cupid bows with gradually thinning volume towards the corners of the mouth.

NOTE: The above information is for general information purposes only, and is expressly subject to the specific facts and circumstances, the peculiar physiology and constitution of a patient, the intensity of a treatment, amount of product used, and frequency of treatment (as applicable). Click HERE to see the medical literature and references wherein the above information is based on.

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