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婴儿针 PDRN treatment


SGD 680 for 2cc in 1 session

PDRN Skin Rejuvenation Filler - 婴儿针

Filler which Regenerates and Improves the Skin Tissue for a Youthful Look

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What can this treatment possibly do?


PDRN filler is highly concentrated polynucleotide-based filler treatment that is obtained from salmon DNA which is both safe and compatible for use in the human body. Introduced via fine needles into the intra dermal layers under the skin, the active polynucleotide (PN) ingredient are allowed to be absorbed into the skin layers to effectively rejuvenate and repair damage areas from within.

Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging. Evidence of increasing age includes dryness, pigmented spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The injection of filler has become very popular for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the aging face. The effects are impermanent, but the injections can be performed quickly, require no recovery time, and are relatively safe cosmetic procedures for the face.


Apart from being able to give volume and fill contracted or depressed space under the skin like standard facial fillers, the PDRN skin rejuvenation filler may also help to regenerate the skin, improve tissue regeneration in the environment of damaged tissue, stimulate the secretion of collagen proteins and of other proteins of the extracellular matrix – which is a three-dimensional network of extracellular macromolecules, such as collagen, enzymes, and glycoproteins, that provide structural and biochemical support of surrounding cell.


The use of long-chain PDRN (present in the PDRN Filler) in skin rejuvenation is mainly based on their wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects, with many studies having shown that nucleotides and nucleosides stimulate cell growth and wound healing.

What medical technology or device does this treatment utilise and how it is done?


There are more than one way to use PDRN in skin treatments, one of which is to apply it topically after fractional laser treatment or INFINI.


It can also be applied with needleless electrophoration infusion to improve absorption into the skin.


Finally, it can be used on its own for results based on its own merit too via injection into the desired area.

The PDRN Filler is made from purified polynucleotides of natural origin, (made from purified polynucleotides derived from the cells of salmon and other fish); which is found to regenerate skin, and is composed of macromolecules with highly purified polynucleotides at a concentration of 20 mg/mL designed as a targeted therapy injected into the dermal layer.


It has been reported that, while other existing filler products simply fill the contracted or depressed space, the PDRN Filler not only fills the space, but improve tissue regeneration in the environment of damaged tissue, resulting in more natural tissue regeneration.

What are the likely results? Any side effects or downtime?


Various studies of PDRNs have shown trophic action on human fibroblasts in primary cultures, and they appear to stimulate the secretion of collagen proteins and of other proteins of the extracellular matrix.


PDRNs found in the PDRN Filler can contribute to the regeneration of several autologous key components of the skin such as glycosaminoglycan, proteins, glycoproteins, and fibrils, helping to maintain physiological function.


In animal study, the PDRN filler showed greatest increase of skin elasticity and collagen synthesis followed by fibroblast stimulation compared with noncross linked hyaluronic acid groups with similar durability.


The clinical comparing trial demonstrated the durability, efficacy, and safety of PDRN Filler.  It showed similar durability to hyaluronic acid filler and also showed a similar safety.


Apart from the usual injection mark, the PDRN Filler has no known significant side effects. Patients reported high satisfaction levels and requested future treatment.

Ms Singapore Universe 2010 Tiffiny Yang

The general population, and women in particular, desire a youthful appearance. Dry and wrinkled facial skin interferes with this aesthetics. This is where the PN Filler may help to rejuvenate facial skin.

Rejuran Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics Best Famous Clinc

Why Tiffiny Yang Clinic?

We focus on three things: Safety, Efficacy, and Personalisation.




Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics have been in the medical aesthetics market for a long time, and have performed many very good aesthetics procedures throughout the years. Our doctors are qualified medical doctors, and we use good quality & approved medical devices and products as your safety is of utmost importance to us.


All our Lasers, Radiofrequency Systems, IPL devices, Ultrasound Energy Machines are good and proven systems which had been used for some time in the market on many patients. They are all approved, CE Marked, or FDA approved systems. Since many people have used them – by sheer numbers, the behaviour and treatment outcome of the devices are generally known. The unexpected is unlikely to occur.




Our treatments are all clinically proven and are generally effective. Apart from effective treatments, our lady doctor is also known for being very gentle and caring. We want to get to know you personally so that we can tailor-make and customise the treatments to achieve your intended desires. It is for this reason that majority of our equipment and products are not “box-standard” but customisable.


Indeed, we have been known to go to great lengths to curate and customize the beauty treatments you desire to ensure that it is personally suitable for you.


We also want to get to know you so that you to feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands when undergoing treatments at our clinic.




As all aesthetics treatment are part medicine and part art, one should choose an aesthetics professional or doctor whom is both a competent and qualified medical doctor, and whom also possesses a keen eye for beauty. More importantly, a keen eye for beauty which you agree with. In other words, you must trust your aesthetics doctor’s taste and sense of beauty.


Dr Tiffiny Yang is a doctor and a beauty queen. She was crowned Ms Singapore Universe, and is also a fashion model with some repute in her free time. She had been featured in fashion and glamour magazines which are household names and are published Asia wide. Our clinic treatments bear her eye, direction, believe and hallmark of beauty.

Click here to see Dr Tiffiny Yang’s belief of what an Ideal Facial Feature Proportion should be; and here to see Dr Tiffiny Yang’s holistic treatment believes and approach to counter & slow signs of aging. Dr Tiffiny Yang’s believes serves as a guide for the direction of our aesthetics treatments.

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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