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Perfect Selfie Look: Facial Treatment Guide

Want a picture perfect face and skin for selfies? Not sure what you can do or what you need to make your face and skin perfect? Give us a chance and let us show you how we can assist to contour your face for a picture perfect selfie every time without plastic surgery.

Click on our Face Treatment Guide below to learn more about what you need and what non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetics treatments can do for you.

Wrinkles. I hate wrinkles on my forehead and face as it shows my age. I want my face to be clear and wrinkle free!

BTX injections can help prevent wrinkles and remove crease lines on your face. 

Another favorite method is Thermage RF Skin Ironing. Thermage, done early and yearly is proven to remove & prevent wrinkles from appearing on your face. 

Small Eyes. I have single eyelids, or droopy eyelids. This makes my eyes look small and sleepy, giving me a tired look all the time.

Create double eyelids or remove eye droopiness with our eye threadlift for bigger & brighter eyes.

Eye Threadlift may be helpful for you to have bigger, beautoful eyes which gives double eyelid as well.

Hair Loss. I want more hair, and hair that is thicker and stronger! I feel that my hair is thinning as I age. I want to stop hair loss!

Create double eyelids or remove eye droopiness with our eye threadlift for bigger & brighter eyes.

Both Low Level Laser Therapy and Direct Hair Therapy Infusion with Vitamins & Protein are effective in growing hair and stopping hair loss.

Flat Nose with no Bridge. I want a more defined nose which looks sharper and higher with a well defined nose bridge. 

Nose Filler can give you a higher nose bridge immediately  with a more defined look.


Apart from Nose Filler, Nose threadlift is also very effective in giving the nose definition to create a sharper more refined nose.   

V Face Creation & Face Slimming. I want a V shaped almond / heart shaped face. My face looks to boxy and appears fat, I want a smaller and nicer shaped face like the Korean stars!

We can create a V-shape almond or heart shaped face for you without surgery. First, we may have reduce the boxy jaws or wide face shape through BTX injection, and thereafter, increase the length of your chin through using fillers. Its a non invasive two step process. 


We can also slim your face and reduce the boxy, wide face look at your jaws with BTX injection.

Hollow Cheeks. My cheeks seems hollow and is losing volume from aging. I want my puffy cheeks back that make me look young!

Facial fillers injected to the cheeks will solve the problem immediately 

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