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Eye Threadlift SGD 2800

Double Eyelid Threadlift & Stapling

雙眼皮釘書機 . 双眼皮订书机

TIffiny Yang Double Eyelid Creation


Having droopy eyes or sleepy-looking eyes? Dream of bigger, prettier eyes but afraid of the surgery?

Be fearful no more. At Tiffiny Yang's, our double eyelids are created using eyelid thread-lift & staples. Unlike the traditional method of double eyelid surgery which uses a blade to cut the skin of the upper eyelid to form a crease, our double eyelid thread-lift & stapling does not involve the surgical knife. No cutting at all is required at all.

Double Eyelid Thread-lift & Stapling – Scarless & Low Downtime

The double eyelid thread-lift & staple aims to create a double eyelid crease in the eyelids of a person without cutting a person’s eyelid skin.

This is a quick and simple procedure done under local anesthesia, and is completed in under 30 minutes.

At Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics, we chose double eyelid thread-lift & stapling because:

(a) it gives a more natural look;

(b) it affords much less downtime as there is no wound / cut created;

(c) there is no scar, cut, or blade mark when you close your eyes;

(d) it has lower risks then the cutting / blade technique;

(e) it is easily reversible should you not like the results; and

(f) your friends will never know that you had double eyelids done because it just looks so NATURAL.


Because no big cut wound is created, healing will take only a few days, as compared to a few weeks if the incisional or cutting technique is used. The downtime from this method is mainly from some swelling and occasionally bruising.


As there is no cutting, you will be able to go home immediately after the procedure.


For Bigger Eyes


Once your double eyelids are created, you will realize that your eyes will look bigger. Yes, BIGGER.

For an even better effect of bigger eyes, a tiny jab of BTX into the under-eye muscles will add that extra oomph! For bigger, more expressive eyes.

Asian or Western styled Double Eyelids

If you are an Asian, your surgeon should be utilizing the “Asian style” in creating your double eyelids. At Tiffiny Yang's, we do Asian styled double eyelid procedures, tailored to make Asian type eyelids pretty.

What is the difference? In general, the difference between an Asian’s eyelid and that of a westerner is in the placing of the folds of the eyelid. Asians who naturally have double eyelids look very different from westerners who naturally have double eyelids.

An Asian’s double eyelid starts very close to the eyelashes crease. As the eyelid crease goes further away towards the mid-point of the face, the crease becomes bigger until the midpoint of the eye. Thereafter, the eyelid folds will generally be parallel alongside the eyelash.

On the other hand, a westerner’s double eyelid crease generally tapers closer to the eyelashes as the fold progresses in a lateral manner. It is similar to an “n” shape, and is not parallel to the eyelid. The eyelid crease is also typically larger than an Asian eyelid crease.

At Tiffiny Yang's, our goal is not to westernize an Asian’s eye, but to create a double eyelid that suits the Asian eyes.

Double Eyelid Stapling. Read more here to understand the experience first hand!

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