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Dr Tiffiny Yang, Famous Aesthetics Doctor Singapore, best aesthetics doctor Singapore, vaginal tightening expert


Vaginal Tightening SGD 650 per session

Vaginal Tightening (Non-Invasive & Non-surgical)

The 8 Minutes that Can Change your Bedroom Life Inside Out - The Perfect Gift for You and Your Partner 

You take the anti-aging fight and keeping your youthfulness very seriously. You look like you are in your thirties when you are really in your forties or fifties. But there is one area which you may have missed. The most intimate and private part of your body, the essence of who you are as a woman.

Worried that you are not as tight as when you were eighteen? Worry not, we have the solution for you to turn back time inside out! Renew you youth now.

As we all know, aging leads to the loss of collagen. Collagen is not only useful for the face to maintain a youthful appearance, it is also important for your vagina. Loss of vaginal collagen due to aging, the traumatic damage of childbirth and general wear and tear from daily living will lead to the loosening of your vaginal tissue. This results in vaginal sagging, loose canal, and consequent loss of sexual sensation and pleasure for both yourself and your partner.

Apart from the loss of sexual sensation and pleasure for both yourself and your partner, it may also lead to urinary incontinence (bladder leak) and a loss of confidence in your daily activities.

Look no further if you want to take back your femininity and control of the bedroom. Wow your partner now with a firm, tightened and rejuvenated you inside.


Here at Tiffiny Yang’s, we have the perfect solution for you which is non-surgical and non-invasive – the Exilis Ultra Femme Vaginal tightening treatment. What are you waiting for? Achieve sexy on the outside and inside now!

Dr Tiffiny Yang, Famous Aesthetics Doctor Singapore

Exilis 360 is a well established machine for extremely quick (8 minutes), safe, painless and effective vaginal tightening treatment. It had been clinically proven to tightening your intimate female parts substantially. Its the best gift you can give your partner in the bedroom! Try it now and feel the difference. 

What is the Exilis Ultra Femme Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Treatment?

The Exilis Ultra Femme™ is the ultimate vaginal tightening treatment which utilizes both radiofrequency and ultrasound in combination to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues. It is a safe, effective, comfortable, non-invasive, and non-surgical 8 minutes procedure which will change your life in the bedroom through the stimulation of collagen production and increased blood flow in your vagina.

It is a myth that the only way to tightening your vaginal effectively is through invasive surgery. The Reality is that medical science has progressed so much that through the use of radiofrequency and ultrasound in combination, Exilis 360, your vaginal tissues can be rejuvenated - giving you unparalleled tightness, difference which you can feel!

During the procedure, with the aid of medical gel, we will gently insert the Exilis Ultra Femme tip (which is smooth for maximum comfort) through the vaginal opening. Both radiofrequency and ultrasound energy is released, which stimulates your vaginal wall to produce new and more collagen, leading to an increased blood flow to the vagina, and the inevitable tightening of the vagina tissues, increased lubrication, and strengthening of the vaginal muscles. There is generally no pain. You will only feel some warmth from the treatment.

The result is a tighter vagina, raised and lifted labia and reduced urinary leakage.

exilis vaginal tightening pic 1.jpg
exilis vaginal tightening 1.jpg
exilis vaginal tightening pic 2.jpg
exilis vaginal tightening pic 3.jpg

Effects of Vaginal Tightening Treatment

You will see noticeable improvements in rejuvenation of the vagina and entire vulvar and labia areas. Patients have reported improvements after a single treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over further sessions. Amongst others, the main physical improvements you will see are the:

  • tightening of the vagina

  • plumping and lifting of the labia

  • increased blood flow to the clitoris

  • strengthening of the vaginal muscles

  • improved lubrication of the vagina

  • greater urinary continence

  • prevention of uterine prolapse


These physical improvements will naturally lead to improved orgasm, increased sexual sensitivity, and an improvement in urinary incontinence.

Is it painful?

Most patients report no to minimal discomfort. In fact, you will feel a pleasant and comfortable heat sensation. Yes, NO discomfort whatsoever at all.

Any Downtime?

Medical science has advanced so much that today we are fortunate to be able to experience non-invasive, non-surgical, clinically proven effective vaginal rejuvenation procedure. There is no downtime, but you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treatment area which will disappear within a few hours. You can go home and continue with your daily activities immediately after the treatment.


For optimal results and a raging confidence in the bedroom, we recommend a course of 5 to 7 sessions scheduled once every week. Thereafter, you will only need to maintain your internal youthfulness once every 6 months.

Why Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics?

Our treatments are specially curated by Dr Tiffiny Yang to meet the needs of the whole woman. The dosage, settings and administrative methods of a procedure are designed by Dr. Tiffiny Yang.


We have an all-female staff ensemble for your comfort and assurance. All our doctors, therapists and admin staff present in our clinic are females who understand what you want to achieve and what you are going through.


We maintain extremely high standards of hygiene and use a brand new Exilis Ultra Femme tip for each and every patient.

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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