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Undereye Filler SGD 650

Undereye Laser SGD 250

Dark Eye Circles & Eyebags Removal

Effectively remove eye bags & dark eye circles now with our clinically proven undereye filler or undereye threadlift treatment in Singapore  for a more youthful you

Are you having dark undereye circles or eyebags, tear troughs or sunken eyes?

Tear troughs / cheek lines are caused by sunkenness under the eyes, creating lines that may look like eye bags or dark circles. This is easily reversed with a non-surgical procedure – a simple injection with a very soft filler under the eye areas to restore and rejuvenate the undereye areas. Eyes can also look sunken on the upper eyelids, making a person look haggard and older.

If you happen to suffer from dark eye circles at the same time, which commonly happens to people who have sunken undereyes, the treatment also improves the appearance and reduce the extent of dark eye circles. It also helps to reduce fine lines under the eyes – for better reduction, combination with b'tx treatment is often recommended.

Even some eyebags may be corrected by this no-downtime, simple filler procedure in suitable candidates. Certain eyebags are visible due to sunkenness and loss of volume below the eyes, which is easily hidden again once the volume is replaced by filler.


True eyebags seldom happen in younger people and surgery is not required for correction. In fact, removing these eyebags with surgical removal may lead to further sunkenness, dark circles and looking tired or older, requiring filler for correction eventually anyway. Volume loss is best corrected by filler and not surgery.

The upper eyelids of the eyes can also be sunken and result in a loss of double eyelids. This can be easily solved with a simple volume correction with filler to restore the fullness of the upper eyelids, to look youthful again and normalise the double eyelids.

It is a Myth that eye bags / dark eye circle can only be effectively corrected or removed only by surgery. The Reality is that a properly placed non-surgical no downtime under eye filler can remove the dark eye circle and eye bag problem experienced by a majority of people. 

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Dark eye circles always make you look old and tired. Once removed, you will look much younger and refreshed. Dark eye bags and dark eye circle can be easily treated with under eye filler or under eye thread lift. 


What are Under Eye Dark Circles caused by?

Undereye circles are a result of a myriad of factors that add up to form the dark rings under the eyes.

First and foremost, there are many capillary vessels around the eyes that give the skin a dark purplish colour.


Thereafter, with sluggish flow in blood circulation, hemosiderin deposits may increase and at the same time, pigmentation under the eye can increase. This happens when you are tired or sleepy and especially if you smoke. Exercise and regular eye massages may help, as well as eye creams containing Vitamin K.

Thinning of the skin around the eyes exacerbates the problem, as the pigmentation underneath the skin and the color of underlying muscles is not well camouflaged, becoming more apparent. This happens especially with age, poor skincare around the eyes or frequent rubbing due to dry and itchy eyes or during removal of eye makeup. Eye creams that build up collagen can help this but it is not the only solution.

If you have hollowing under your eyes or bulging eye bags, especially with loss of fat as age catches on, dark eye circles may seem especially prominent due to the shadows cast on the sunken areas of the eyes. Undereye filler (or tear trough filler) provides immediate solution to that problem.

Our Available Treatments to Remove Dark Eye Circles & Eyebags: Undereye Filler & Undereye Threadlift

For a quick fix, you may also consider our undereye filler (or tear trough filler), or undereye threadlift  to improve the under eye areas so as to hide those dark eye circles or reverse sunken eyes. Click here to read our client's experience with our under-eye filler treatment

For prevention and maintenance, combining our Tiffiny Yang Skincare Tiffiny’s Secret Eye Cream (containing lightening agents targeted at dark eye circles, as well as collagen stimulating agents) at SGD 98 with our Undereye Laser treatment sessions from only SGD 250 per session, we can effectively battle those dark eye rings, undereye wrinkles and loose skin with you.

If your problem is with eyebags, they also can and should be treated. Eyebags are caused by 2 possible factors:

1. excessive bulging fat under the eyes; and

2. bigger undereye muscles. 


Surgical eyebag removal can remove eyebags once and for all but there are also very effective non-surgical solutions for eye bag / dark eye circle removal in Singapore - undereye filler or undereye threadlift can improve the appearance of some eyebags as a non-surgical option for those who are not willing to go for surgery.

How about loose skin and fine lines underneath your eye? 

If you have loose skin or fine lines under your eyes, we offer a myriad of treatments to solve the problem, using a combination of Ultra V Threadliffrom SGD 600 and Thermage (Eye) from SGD 1500 and Undereye Skin Booster from SGD 650.


The Ultra V threadlift is a method using firming threads which are placed just under the skin to firm up the undereye area so as to reduce loose skin, eyebags and fine lines. 


Thermage is highly effective for reducing fine lines around the eye areas. Direct treatment with filler certainly reduces deep wrinkles if you want a sure result.

In other words, we are the one stop solution experts for treating all your undereye woes!

And you can believe us since we offer all the options for a good solution to your eyebags, we will certainly recommend the most suitable one for your needs. So come visit us today to explore the various options available and to find the right and suitable solution for your undereye dark circles and/or eyebags, as recommended and analysed by our doctors.

How does Undereye Filler work to hide dark eye circles and eyebags?

For most people, the cause of dark eye circles and eyebags is contributed by the hollowing and sunkenness of the undereye areas and even occasionally cause upper eyelid sunkenness.


Both can be easily corrected with dermal filler, which is injected to the undereye area both to correct the sunkenness and to plump up the skin so that it camouflages the dark eye circles. A very soft filler is selected for eye area treatment – the softest filler is important as it minimizes the chance of filler lump formation.


The filler is placed below or above the eyes where required and along tear troughs to correct the depression and lines. The procedure is done under simple anaesthesia and completed in under 30 minutes. The filler is injected with a cannula which minimizes pain and maximizes safety. The result of the filler treatment is immediately visible and lasts around 6 to 12 months.

Possible side effects

An occasional side effect is slight bruising or needle mark under the eyes for a few days. There is generally no downtime as the swelling is minimal and the result is obvious immediately.*

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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Click here to read our client's experience with our Under Eye Filler Treatment, which can effectively eliminates dark eye cricle and eye bags. 

Dermal Fillers FAQ & Myths

What are fillers? How many types of fillers are there?

In a nutshell, fillers can be classified into temporary, semi-permanent and permanent fillers.


Our favourite is the hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a temporary filler lasting between 9-12 months. It’s made of glycosaminoglycan polysaccharide and is not just found to be naturally occurring in the body as universal extracellular matrix– it’s also chemically identical across species and therefore, is very low on antigenicity, i.e. less likely to cause bad immune reactions.


In other words, it’s very safe. There are many other brands in the market that are also similarly good in quality. Be sure to check with your doctor on this.*

There are also other type of fillers that are non-hyaluronic acid based, such as poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and poly-caprolactone. They essentially work by having an initial bulking effect plus an additional benefit of stimulating collagen synthesis wherever they are placed.


This enhances their volume enhancing effect in the mid-term, so you may have to wait a little for the full effect. However, they may not necessarily last longer than current, newer type hyaluronic acid fillers. An alternative would be to choose a more viscous hyaluronic acid product, which your doctor can recommend to you.*

Semi-permanent fillers last the longest. Examples include polyacrylamide gel (i.e. plastic), and liquid silicone, which is the longest lasting of all fillers. These can last for years. However, the longer lasting the filler, the more likely it can cause complications such as lumps and scarring.*

Why did the facial filler seem to decrease so quickly in the first 2 days after injection?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) occurs naturally without cross linkages. In this form, it is easily broken down in the body in 1-2 days. The HA that remains are those that are still cross-linked, which prevents its breakdown, and this is the form that lasts. Therefore, your facial filler with HA can seem to decrease quickly in the first 2 days before it plateaus into a steady state. The rest decreases slowly. Therefore, the more cross-linked the HA, the longer it lasts.

There is also a part of the filler procedure that causes a little swelling, such as the local anaesthetic and the inflammation of local trauma. This quickly subsides in a few days, leading to a reduction of up to 20-30% in the final result.

Should I always choose the brand of HA that lasts the longest to save cost?

The longer HA lasts, the more viscous it must be and therefore, the harder its feel may be or its chance of leaving residual lumps. Harder HA may not be suitable for all areas of facial correction, even though they last longer, because they may not be suitable for all areas or feel all that natural in others.

Why does my nose have a bluish tinge after filler injection with hyaluronic acid?

If it isn’t a bruise, it can be due to the Tyndall effect, which occurs after injection of hyaluronic acid is done too superficially so that it shows through the skin, making it take on a bluish tint that is not easily hidden by makeup. It doesn’t happen often, though, and can be avoided by placing the filler in the correct plane. Newer improved fillers seldom give the Tyndall effect these days.

After a facial filler injection, can I go for massage or wash my face?

Temporary fillers are moldable in the first 4 hours or so and they settle in approximately 2 days. In the first 4 hours, you shouldn’t apply firm pressure on the area of the filler or massage too hard. Gentle washing of the face is permitted. For the first 2 days, it is advisable not to apply prolonged pressure on the area of the facial filler e.g. sleeping on that side of the face– there is a slight chance it may shift. Thereafter, once it has set, you can do whatever you want and it should not change in shape.

Myths about dermal fillers– busted.

Myth: Fillers are permanent.

Truth: There are many different types of fillers. Some are permanent, some are semi-permanent and the rest are temporary fillers. Temporary fillers are mostly made of hyaluronic acid nowadays. It is a substance that is also naturally found in the body and is absolutely safe for use. It is gradually broken down by the body and absorbed, usually lasting from 6-12 months.*

Myth: Fillers are harmful for the body since they are absorbed by the body.

Truth: Absolutely not. Hyaluronic acid, which is used as temporary filler, is a natural substance found in the skin, joints and eyes of the body. It is gradually broken down by the body and not harmful to health. In fact, some brands of fillers have obtained FDA’s approval for clinical use.*

Myth: Surgery is required to place fillers into the body.

Truth: Not at all. Facial fillers for the nose, nasolabial folds, cheeks, chin, etc. are easily placed into the respective parts via a few simple injections. There is no need to undergo the knife– hence the wonder of minimally invasive procedures. Even breast fillers only require 1 or 2 injection sites under the breasts. Minimal pain and minimal scarring, in just under 15min!*

Myth: You need to keep coming back for frequent top-ups once you do fillers.

Truth: Top-ups are required only because temporary fillers are naturally broken down by the body and absorbed, so its effect diminishes over time. They are not in the least bit addictive and you can choose not to top up again if you’d like. The filler will simply disappear and the part of the body will return to its original state as before filler was done.*

There can be incidences where the fillers last longer than expected in some people, especially after 1 or 2 top ups. This eliminates the need for frequent top ups over time.*

Myth: When the filler disappears, you’ll look worse than before.

Truth: Fillers do not change the original state of the body part it is placed into. When it is absorbed, that part of the body simply returns to how it was supposed to be. Of course, temporary fillers last up to a year or more and in that time, the body is still undergoing its own aging process.*

Myth: Fillers are harmful to the body when used in the long term.

Truth: Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin, eyes and joints. It is gradually broken down by the body’s natural metabolism and is not known to be harmful in the long term or short term. Newer studies have also showed that it may actually boost natural collagen in the skin for a more longer term effect, which can be considered desirable in many cases.*

Myth: Fillers change the shape of the body part permanently.

Truth: Not all fillers. Temporary fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid which are absorbed by the body over months and gradually, the body returns to its original state, as it was before. Of course, as part of aging and change, the body does sometimes alter from its natural state but it is not usually affected by temporary fillers like these.


Permanent fillers are not absorbed, though, and they can stay for a long long time. In that sense, they change the shape of the body part permanently.*

Myth: Doing something to your face with fillers makes it look fake.

Truth: Amazingly, it is rather difficult to look fake with facial fillers. They can give dramatic natural results and yet escape others’ eyes unnoticed. Too many have told me how they wished people had noticed– even though in their own eyes, it was a great difference!*

Myth: Fillers are very painful.

Truth: Some pain is to be expected but it is usually minimal and quickly forgotten after the procedure. The pain is usually only of the injections and subsequently, a vague dull ache during filler injection. After the procedure, the dull ache may remain for a couple of days but it isn’t particularly noticeable and resolves quickly. In other words, it definitely isn’t something you’ll remember for too long.*

To find out about our pricing or to book an appointment, please call 6338 9448, or SMS 9186 0805 (24h), or email us at today. You can also find us here.

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