Price $3450 – includes 1 session of Liposonix (12 squares) and 5 sessions of Velashape (20 min / session).

Sassy Body Fat Melting Package

Desiring to lose those inches and shape your body? We now have the perfect combination treatment for busting that flab – combination of USA FDA approved Liposonix and Velashape.

Liposonix works by targeting and melting away deeper fat in the tummy or thighs that cannot be reached with Velashape alone.


Thereafter, Velashape improves lymphatic drainage of the melted fat and tightens the skin around the abdomen and thighs for a more toned looking body.


The two treatments combine to work hand in hand synergistically to effectively remove both superficial fat at the top layer of the body, and also deep fat tissues in order to achieve the ultimate body slimming you are looking for – all the results but without the surgery*!

Price $3450 – includes 1 session of Liposonix (12 squares) and 5 sessions of Velashape (20 min / session).

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