Pigmentation Removal 10 sessions 


Pore Removal 4 sessions SGD1480

Acne Scar Removal by INFINI SGD1758

IPL from SGD 20

LED from SGD 80

Medical Facial Laser & Light (IPL & LLLT) Package

Start your anti aging regime with our high quality medical facial laser & light packages now.

What can facial Lasers do for you? Lasers of medical grade can effectively improve various pigmentation of the skin such as freckles and melasma as well as acne scarring, raised or pigmented scars such as keloid and hypertrophic scars.

So, what if you do not have any scars or pigmentation on your face? What can medical grade facial Lasers do for you?

It is a Myth that medical grade lasers are used solely for the removal of pigmentation. The Reality is that Facial Lasers can have anti-aging and whitening qualities. Frequent use of facial lasers will make your complexion crystal clear and put the years far behind you.

In general, facial laser can boost collagen in the skin and promote skin rejuvenation. Yes, facial laser has an anti-aging effect. Facial lasers can, specifically achieve the following:

(a) stimulate natural collagen growth;

(b) reduce the size of the pores on facial skin;

(c) even out facial skin tone;

(d) skin whitening;

(e) reduce fine lines & wrinkles; and

(f) overall anti-aging & skin rejuvenation.

At Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics, we only use FDA, HSA and CE approved medical Lasers so that quality is always assured.

Facial Lasers work by utilizing heat to stimulate collagen growth deep beneath the skin. At the same time, Laser intensity is set to an appropriate level so as not to damage the skin.


After Facial Laser treatments, collagen continues to regenerate and develop under the Skin. Multiple, well-planned and well-spaced sessions encourage the continued production of collagen with minimal side effects.* In a nut-shell, this process is also known as facial skin rejuvenation.

We know that laser and IPL treatment sessions are never stand alone, whether it is to achieve your clear skin or to maintain it that way. Paying a la carte is costly and inefficient.


Therefore, we have created packages that guarantee premium, top quality treatments at the best value, just for you, our cherished patient.

Type & Combination of our Medical  Laser & Light Packages 


Face Whitening / Pigmentation Removal Laser Packages

10 sessions SGD 1590


Skin Brightening & Rejuvenation Package

(Combination of IPL & Spectra Laser Toning every session)

10 sessions SGD 1880


Pore Removal Laser Package

(Spectra Carbon Laser Peel + Fractional CO2 Pore Resurfacing)

4 sessions SGD 1,480


Acne Scar Removal Laser Packages

(Fractional CO2 Resurfacing)

5 sessions SGD 2,000


(INFINI microneedling)

2 sessions SGD 1758

Please note: this pricing refers to full face treatments. Pricing for smaller areas are adjusted accordingly, as per consultation with our doctor.


IPL Laser

Hair removal – From SGD 20 /session for upper lips, SGD 50 /session for underarms

Full Face (for skin rejuvenation or acne control) from SGD 150

Omega LED Laser Therapy

For skin rejuvenation / acne control

1 session SGD 80



Why do lasers at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics?

(1) High Quality & Approved Equipment. All the facial LASER and IPL laser treatments are FDA (USA) approved, HSA (S’pore) approved and CE (EU) approved equipment. We make no compromise when it comes to providing you top quality service and treatments. Reliable licensing means we care for your safety and want the best results for you.* In other words, you are assured of your money’s worth. Click here to learn more about our Lasers and IPL Lasers.


(2) Consistency. We are a consolidated centre, so your attending doctor for all your laser treatments will most likely always be the same Doctor. For any medical treatment, it is the best that the attending doctor is usually always the same doctor. Once the doctor is familiar with your skin type and medical history, he or she can treat you more effectively in subsequent consults. Continuity in the care that a doctor provides is the key to consistent and good results.*

(3) Experience. The doctors doing the procedure for you have many years of medical clinical experience and are able to use lasers with minimum side effects whilst promoting quick and effective results. No one would argue that experience is a key factor for choosing a doctor. The more times the doctor has done the procedure, the better he or she will be. Dr Tiffiny Yang’s flawless upkeep attest to her knowledge and passion in medical aesthetics.

(4) Competency. Our therapists have been rigorously trained by Dr Tiffiny Yang to perform selected treatments as well, so as to ensure almost as good result as the doctor doing it herself.

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