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B'tx injection for Face Slimming fr SGD400

B'tx Jaw Reduction Package (150 units) SGD1425

V Face Slimming SGD1380

Signature Treatment

V-Face & Face Slimming: Non Surgical Square Jaw Reduction

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Desiring to slim your face or have a V shaped or heart shaped face? Our non surgical B'tx square jaw reduction procedure will help slim your face by reducing your jaw size and give you a V shapped face - all without surgery!

A round or squarish face is usually caused by big and bulky masseter muscles at the side of the jaws. The picture below with facial portion in red is where the masseter muscles are located. 


You can slim your jawline by reducing the size of the masseter muscles with a simple injection of b'tx on each side of the jaw. No surgery is required. This is face slimming procedure is popularly known as the non surgical square jaw reduction procedure, or the b'tx square jaw reduction procedure.

Face slimming Singapore, square jaw reduction, botox jaw, v-face creation
Face Slimming Singapore, Botox Jaw Reduction, V Face Contour

After your square jaws (masseter muscles) are reduced, your face will definitely look slimmer. Thereafter, we can also proceed to combine other minimally invasive procedure to help you have a perfect V-shape or Heart shape face, so that you will always look perfect in any selfie. Click here to see our non-surgical V-Shape face contouring.

How is it done?

B'tx is injected into the masseters on each side of the face. It is an extremely effective treatment with minimal discomfort. There is no downtime at all, which allows you to return to work the next hour. 

As the B'tx will take some time to work, the face slimming and jaw reduction effects will be seen between 2 to 8 weeks after treatment. In our experience almost all our patients see a noticeable reduction in their square jaw after 2 to 8 weeks.

Possible side effects

There should be minimal or no swelling or bruising at all after the procedure. In the first week, you may feel a slight ache where the masseter muscles are located. This should disappear after a week.

After the procedure within the next 4 hours, you should not massage the masseter muscles or lie down. 

Why Tiffiny Yang? Out of so many face slimming options in Singapore?

Because at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics, we make sure that only US FDA & HSA approved brands of B'tx are used. Which means that you can have a peace of mind in terms of safety and effectiveness of the items used for your treatment.

Dr Tiffiny Yang had also tried this treatment on herself. We can therefore assure you that the technique used, dosage administered, and treatment protocol is exactly the same as what Dr Tiffiny Yang used on herself. What's more reassuring then knowing that what is being administered to you had already been tried and tested by your doctor doing the procedure?

Dr Tiffiny Yang, Famous Aesthetics Doctor Singapore, FHM Model, Ms Singapore Universe, V shape face treatment, jaw reduction

V shape face creation (face slimming) is one of the least invasive beauty cosmetic treatment there is in the aesthetics world. It is highly effective, non-surgical, and non-invasive.  A V shaped face will give you the perfect selfie for your Instagram. It is a face shape highly desired by East Asians around the world. Just look at the latest Kpop and Cpop stars! Slim your face now!

FAQs about Non-surgical Square Jaw Reduction by B'tx

Just like excessive weight lost, will my skin sag after the non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure?

No! The face slims down noticeably, but is not so drastic such as to cause sagging due to lose skin. The slimming effect also takes place over a period of time - not suddenly.

Will I become addicted to the the non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure?

The treatment does not produce any form of dependence or addiction to B'tx. The "addiction" probably comes because you love your slimmed face so much, that you want to maintain it! If however, you are satisfied with the outcome and decide not to have any further treatment, there is no reason why you need to repeat the treatment again - its all up to you.


Is the outcome of the non-surgical jaw reduction by B'tx permanent?

With repeated non-surgical square jaw reduction treatment, the effects becomes more and more permanent as the body gets used to the smaller masseter muscles. Jaw bone remodeling may also happen slowly over time due to prolonged changes of the masseter muscles and angling of the jaw. If you would like it to be permanent, then patience and consistency is key. Non surgical square jaw reduction treatment should be done at regular intervals to maintain your slimmed face and to ensure that it becomes permanent in due course. 

I did the non-surgical jaw reduction by B'tx. Why do I not see the result?

If you do not see the results from your recent non-surgical jaw reduction by B'tx, here’s a checklist to find out why:

1. Is the treatment done by someone reliable using approved ingredients? Only FDA (USA) and HSA (Singapore) approved B'tx ingredients should be used as unapproved composition can be ineffective. There are only 3 brands of approved botulum toxin, B'tx, Dyspot and Xomin. It also depends on whether the person who performed the non-surgical square jaw reduction for you is appropriately trained (which should be a qualified medical doctor) as dosage, protocol and methodology in administering the treatment is essential to see good results. An unlicensed spa or beautician should not be doing this procedure for you.

2. When did your non-surgical square jaw reduction by botulum toxin take place? Has it been 2 months after the procedure done at the doctor's office? Results are not instantaneous. You will have to wait for an average of 2-8 weeks before results can be seen. 


3. Was the dose of botulum toxin enough? If you used a small dose of botulum toxin, you will correspondingly see a small change in your appearance. Small dosages may be one of the reason why you are unable to notice the difference. Ask your cosmetic doctor for a heavier dose or go for a top up to see better results. 


4. Was the diagnosis and assessment of the reason for your square jaw correct? There are 4 main reasons why a person do not have a slim face. The first is a big bone, second is fat under the skin, third is fat under the cheeks, and lastly, huge and bulky masseter muscles at the jaws. The non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure is targeted toi reduce the huge and bulky masseter muscles at the jaws. If the reason for a square jaw or non-slim face is not the masseter muscles, this procedure may not work.

Other procedures are required to solve the other reasons to achieve a slim face. Sometimes, reasons for a square and non-slim face is multi-factored (more then one reason) as well. An experienced cosmetic doctor will be able to tell you the underlying reason for your square face and recommend the correct treatments accordingly. 

5. Do you have antibodies that are resistant to the brand of botulum toxin that you are using? It very rarely happens, but is technically possible that the injected B'tx is removed by your body antibodies such that the B'tx becomes ineffective in reducing the bulky masseter muscles at the jaws. The solution is to try other brands of botulnum toxin - such as Xomin which tends not to attract anti-body resistance, or try other modes of treatment. There is always a way out!  

Skin Tightening for Face Slimming

You may also consider slimming the face by tightening your facial skin with our b'tx dermal lift procedure or skin lifting by threadlift. These procedures are targeted at correcting droopy and saggy skin of the face.

Saggy and droopy face skin will make the face look heavier, boxier and squarer then it actually is. By lifting and tightening the excess skin on the face, your face skin will wrap around your jaw and chin lines tightly, producing a nice v shaped contour. You will be able to see a slimmer looking face without surgery. Read more about our our b'tx dermal lift here  or on our threadlift treatment here.

More Information

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